Globular cluster M13 wide field

To see another picture of M13 please click here M13 taken with ST2000 and C8N M13 (also designated as NGC 6205) is the most famous globular cluster of the northen sky. M13 was discovered by Edmond Halley in 1714, and catalogued by Charles Messier on June 1, 1764. Visible with naked eye in good weather condition. M13 is about 145 light-years in diameter, and it is composed of several hundred thousand stars, the brightest of which is the variable star V11 with an apparent magnitude of 11.95. M13 is 25,100 light-years away from Earth.

Photo Details

  Telescope: FSQ106EDX (530 mm) Takahashi

  Camera: Sbig ST-8300M, Sbig Filter wheel, Baader 36mm round HLRGB filters

  Mount: NJP Takahashi

  Guiding: Stellarvue 70ED, Orion Guiding Camera

  Exposure: L 15x360s, RGB 6x300s

  When: MArch 2011

  Other information: urban area Tarnow, very good transparency, very good seeing


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