NGC6357 Lobster Nebula

NGC 6357, is a diffuse nebula in the constellation Scorpius. A very nice name "Lobster nebula" was given recently and personally I like it however tere is also another name given to it "War and Peace Nebula" by the Midcourse Space Experiment scientists because of its appearance in infrared images. The nebula contains many proto-stars shielded by dark disks of gas, and young stars wrapped in expanding cocoons.

Photo Details

  Telescope: FSQ106EDX (530 mm) Takahashi

  Camera: ST-8300M, Sbig Filter wheel, Baader 36mm round HLRGB filters

  Mount: Losmandy G11 GT

  Guiding: Off-axis, Orion SS Autoguider

  Exposure: HaRGB Ha 10x1200sek, R 7x480sek, G 7x480sek, B 7x480sek

  When: June 2013

  Other information: Tivoli Farm, Namibia


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