Globular NGC6397

NGC 6397 is the seventh brightest globular in the sky and the second nearest after M4. Similar to M22 in sense that surrounded by the sea of the colorful stars :)

Photo Details

  Telescope: FSQ106EDX (530 mm) Takahashi

  Camera: Sbig ST-8300M, Sbig Filter wheel, Baader 36mm round HLRGB filters

  Mount: G-11 Celestron branded

  Guiding: Off-axis Orion SS Autoguider

  Exposure: LRGB L 6x300sec, R 5x300sec, G 5x300sec, B 5x300sec

  When: June 2013

  Other information: Namibia, Tivoli Farm


Photo Details

  Telescope: Sky90 f/4.5 - 405mm

  Camera: Sbig ST-2000XM

  Mount: HEQ5

  Guiding: Self-guided

  Exposure: LRGB 6,2,2,2x5min

  When: June 2016

  Other information: very good transparency, very good seeing, AAA2016 Bateleur


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