Sh2-157 Squid Nebula

Sharpless 157, the Claw Nebula, is a bright emission nebula in the constellations Cassiopeia and Cepheus at a distance of about 8,000 light-years. At the bottom-right is the open star cluster NGC 7510, about 9,900 light-years away.

Photo Details

  Telescope: FSQ106EDX (530 mm) Takahashi

  Camera: Sbig ST-8300M, Sbig Filter wheel, Baader 36mm round HLRGB filters

  Mount: NJP Takahashi

  Guiding: Self-guided, Orion ST80 with Orion SS Autoguider

  Exposure: HaRGB L 18x1800sec, R 6x600sek, G 5x600sek, B 6x600sek

  When: September/October 2012

  Other information: Ha taken in the city of Tarnow, good transparency, good seeing


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